We help grow your Podcast to attract qualified leads and Establish Leadership.

We help you to start a new or grow your existing podcast that unlocks opportunities & leads, expands impact and increases revenue.

Short Form Repurposing

1 Episode Turns Into


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6/8 Repurposed Short Videos

2-4 Repurposed Medium-Length Youtube Videos

1-2 Cinematic Teaser Trailer For The Episode

2 SEO Enhanced Blog Articles

2-4 Linkedin Articles/Tweet-Threads

Multiple Tweets, Quotes, Social Graphics

Medium-form Repurposing


What do we do?

Comprehensive Marketing Assets:

From short-form/medium-form repurposed videos to engaging quotes and tweets, we produce all the marketing assets you need at scale.

Rapid Social Media Growth:

Watch your social media presence skyrocket as we implement strategic promotion tactics tailored to your podcast.

Enhanced SEO for Your Podcast Website:

We optimize your podcast website to boost its visibility on search engine rankings, ensuring maximum exposure and audience reach.

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Podcast Editing - Video & Audio

audio cleanup, trimming, adding intros/outros, content arrangement, volume leveling, music/effects, multicam footage, metadata and file management.


Short form video repurposing

leverage social media platforms' popularity, cater to diverse content preferences, boost content discoverability, and easy consumption on-the-go


Youtube (medium-length) video repurposing

expand audience reach, enhance discoverability and strengthen brand presence


Show Notes

Better listener experience, enhanced searchability, navigation, and facilitate content repurposing.


Text repurposing - blogs, tweets & other social formats

diversify content, extend reach, enhance SEO, establish thought leadership, enable content syndication, evergreen content


Omnichannel Distribution

increase visibility, cater to audience preferences, explore new audiences, drive traffic and conversions, and ensure relevance in the digital landscape.


Paid Advertising

accelerate growth, target specific audiences, promote key content, data-driven insights, and a competitive advantage


How does this work?

Imagine us as the Chipotle of podcast promotion. Just like you build your burrito bowl to your liking, you can customize your podcast marketing plan to match your objectives.

Take your pick from our list of assets and services to create an assortment tailored to your goals.

For example, whip up a plan with 7 repurposed shorts, 2 medium-length YouTube videos complete with high-CTR thumbnails, and toss in 2 engaging LinkedIn articles or tweet-threads - all from a single episode. Or maybe you prefer just the full-length podcast edit alongside 2 repurposed shorts. It's all up to you.

Here's the beauty of it - you only pay for what you use. No hidden fees, no fluff.

And if you prefer a hands-off approach, check out our strategically optimized done-for-you packages below.

We're talking a guaranteed 3x more engagement on your content within just 60 days.



A Competitive Repurposing Solution: For new or expanding podcasts, unlock higher content discovery, engagement, and audience growth today.

Video edit style:



Distinctive Edits and Branding: Perfect for podcasts aiming to stand out and attract audiences and sponsors.

Video edit style:


Comprehensive Done-for-You Growth Solution: Propel your brand to new heights with our solution, promising 3x engagement in just 60 days.

Strategic Promotion:

Targeted promotion on theme pages, newsletters, and more

Podcast Marketing Expertise

Unlike traditional marketing agencies with a wider scope,we specialize in podcasts. Our approach revolves around creating winning strategies to boost your podcast audience.Building niche authority demands a loyal fan base, and we excel in creating resonance and engagement for sustained growth.

Case Studies

Transforming Chris Lamm's Money Whole Podcast

Picture this: A mortgage guru diving deep into wealth creation, financial freedom, and the power of real estate, all while cherishing community, faith, and family. That's the essence of Chris Lamm's Money Whole Podcast.

Now, imagine us stepping in, taking the reins of the podcast's marketing journey when Chris was already 42 episodes deep.

We plunged headfirst into Chris's target niches, crafting an ideal audience matrix to plot our strategy.

Our weekly schedule became the heartbeat of the podcast. Each episode release was heralded by a cinematic teaser, offering a tantalizing glimpse into what awaited listeners....

As the episode hit the airwaves across major platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple, we didn't stop there. Advanced show notes ensured that our SEO game was strong, making the podcast easily discoverable.

But we didn't rest. We unleashed a barrage of repurposed shorts and YouTube videos across social media, driving traffic like a force of nature. Our relentless promotion blitz lasted a full week, ensuring that the episode basked in the spotlight, catching the algorithms' attention.

And boy, did it pay off. Within just 30 days and 4 episodes later, we watched downloads soar by a staggering 300%. But here's the kicker: Chris wasn't just raking in numbers; he was attracting inbound opportunities tailor-made for his business. That's the power of strategic podcast marketing. Ready to make waves like Chris? Let's dive in together.

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Podcast Marketing done right: Elevating Thought Leadership and Generating Leads

Meet Samir Elkamouny, the brains behind FetchFunnel, a thriving 7-figure performance marketing agency. Despite his status as a sought-after marketing expert and frequent speaker at global conferences, Samir faced a challenge: expanding his reach and amplifying his thought leadership through social media, particularly with his podcasts.

Samir's mission? To broaden his content horizons and reel in inbound leads for his agency.

Our solution? A tailor-made strategy to position Samir as the go-to thought leader in his niche.

It all started with a deep dive into Samir's social media landscape and a meticulous study of his target audience. Armed with this intel, we crafted a content blueprint that would set Samir apart....

Recognizing the goldmine of knowledge within Samir's podcast episodes, our team brainstormed themes, storytelling techniques, and hook strategies customized for each guest and topic. The aim? To transform podcast content into bite-sized, enjoyable short videos that showcased Samir's expertise.

The magic happened when we turned those podcast gems into visually stunning reels. We pulled out all the stops: high-impact video editing, eye-catching visual effects, relevant stock footage, and captivating product ad snippets from Samir's guests. The result? Compelling videos that told a captivating story.

With a consistent posting schedule, Samir's reach and engagement skyrocketed. These videos became the bridge to new connections and relationships, fueling a steady stream of inbound leads for his agency.

Key Lessons Learned:

  • Quality content, no matter how technical, will always find its audience if it's easily digestible. Short videos are the secret sauce for making complex topics approachable.
  • Long-form content establishes thought leadership, but short videos offer instant discovery and widespread consumption. They're the gateway to a broader audience and increased engagement.
  • Engaging video edits are game-changers for grabbing and keeping viewers' attention. The visual allure of short videos not only boosts viewer retention but also enhances brand positioning.
  • Within short videos, different hooks can make a world of difference in views and engagement. By experimenting with various hooks and approaches, content creators unlock new avenues to reach wider audiences.

How Meat Mafia Podcast Took the Wellness World by Storm

Meet Harry and Brett, the dynamic duo behind Meat Mafia Podcast. With a mission to tackle the root issues plaguing our food and healthcare systems, their podcast has swiftly become a powerhouse in the wellness realm.

Releasing eight episodes monthly, our mission was crystal clear: orchestrate strategic episode promotions to keep their audience engaged day in and day out.

We kicked things off by revamping the brand's visuals, infusing them with 3D motion graphics and other elements to exude an aura of authority and aspiration. Episode teasers became our secret weapon, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next installment.

But it didn't stop there. We leveraged the power of YouTube with medium-length clips, and the results spoke for themselves. Within just three months, average views on the channel doubled. The repurposed content received a flood of engagement, cementing Meat Mafia's status as a go-to source in the health and wellness space.

Key Lessons Learned:

  • While guest popularity certainly plays a role, it's the content and message that reign supreme.
  • Volume and consistency are king. With eight episodes monthly and strategic repurposing, Meat Mafia has established itself as a ubiquitous presence in the wellness realm.
  • The power of explainer-style editing cannot be overstated. Immersive visuals draw in audiences like never before, captivating even the most casual scrollers.
  • Medium-length YouTube videos are the perfect recipe for success in a world of short attention spans. They serve as a gateway to the full episodes, providing value to audiences and creating timeless content in the process.

The Rise of Sky King's Mental Playground Podcast

Sky King, a titan in the media industry renowned for his groundbreaking approach to advertisement-free media. In a landscape where consumers are often treated as commodities sold to the highest bidder, Sky King dared to challenge the status quo.

His podcast subscription remains paid, devoid of sponsorships or advertisements, a testament to his unwavering belief in media independence. But here's the catch: without sponsors, it's crucial to ensure that the brilliance of his content reaches its rightful audience.

So, we crafted a video branding style that leaves viewers in awe, perfectly complementing the podcast's unconventional content. From strategic guest selections to overarching themes, the podcast has become a beacon of excellence, attracting industry leaders from tech, art, and media as paid subscribers and advocates.

Key Lessons Learned:

  • Authenticity trumps algorithms and trends. Sky King's unwavering principles have carved a unique niche in a sea of conformity. Rather than chasing trends, his strategic marketing approach carves out its own path.
  • Strategic repurposing is key. Our creative team meticulously selects ideas, moments, and themes from each episode, transforming them into engaging, timeless content that resonates with viewers.
  • A storytelling edit style breathes life into novel and contrarian concepts, captivating audiences and cementing Sky King's position as a thought leader.
  • Sky's journey isn't just about personal branding; it's an exercise in building awareness and challenging industry norms.


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All kinds of video and audio podcasts. We’re niche agnostic so pretty much everything be it finance, VC, tech, health, non-profit, real estate and so on.

Podcast creators of all size, marketing professionals, agencies

Absolutely! You need to be satisfied with the quality of our work. Requesting a demo is pretty straight, simply share an episode or content that you’d like us to repurpose from. We will produce a repurposed asset for you!

Here’s a rough list of things that we can do for your podcast:

– podcast editing
– short form video repurposing
– youtube video repurposing
– thumbnails for videos
– text form repurposing for linkedin and twitter
– episode specific teaser/trailer
– blog post repurposing
– podcast publishing – including writing titles, platform specific descriptions, show notes
– publishing repurposed assets
– design artwork
– setup RSS feed, submit to podcasting directories
– paid campaigns to increase podcast viewership and drive sales from content
– create theme/fan pages for your repurposed content

You can literally customize a plan for yourself just like you’d get a chipotle customized. You can pick & choose from our podcast services and create a custom plan for your show.
There are no minimum or maximum criteria. You can opt for as low as just a single episode edit or you can even opt for 100s of episode edits, 100s of repurposed shorts, 100s of repurposed youtube videos,blog posts, linkedin articles all together.


You can altogether count on us for your comprehensive podcast marketing and promotion. We delve into your content and come up with a plan according to your objectives. From driving massive eyeballs to setting up a content sales funnel, we can help you with all.

It is usually a combination of organic and paid promotional strategies. On the organic front, we leverage the power of shorts, tailored for platforms like Instagram, TikTok; YouTube videos; repurposed text assets for twitter and linkedin . We also build theme pages in your niche and post announcements in Slack and Reddit groups to promote the podcast episodes. For paid promotions, we deploy targeted ad campaigns across social media platforms and collaborate with relevant newsletters.

Pricing depends upon the amount of deliverables, obviously.
Qualitatively, we have 3 tiers of edit quality. Depending upon which one you opt for your brand, the final pricing will be worked out.

Also, the more quantity you opt for the lower your per unit prices tend to go… economies of scale at play!!

There are no binding  long-term contracts or commitments involved.

It’s pretty simple. We work through Notion. After you sign up, we create a Notion dashboard for you. You can view the status of all of the works as well as communicate, provide feedback, request revision from the team right there itself.

We are known for speed, efficiency, and quality! Our systematic process ensures a quick turnaround time with no missed details, delivering your content is as quickly as 2-5 business days…in some cases, even faster.


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