Transforming Content Marketing for Holistic Women Coach


Cilia Li, a holistic women coach, had limited reach and awareness despite her experience in healing women through self-love and divine feminine energy. She was new to the world of content marketing and relied mainly on podcasts, which had a restricted audience.

Solution Provided:

As a leading content marketing agency, stepped in to assist Cilia Li in expanding her online presence and reaching a wider audience. The following strategies were implemented:


Within a mere 40 days of our content management, Cilia Li’s content achieved unprecedented milestones. During the testing phase, her reels reached a combined total of 100,000 profiles on Instagram and Facebook.

The engagement numbers exceeded expectations, considering the content’s micro-niche nature, catering to a specific group of women in a particular phase of their lives. As a result, Cilia experienced an above-average conversion rate for her coaching program.

Key Takeaways:

Experiment with Micro-Niches

When starting out, it is crucial to explore different micro-niches within your overall niche to identify the most receptive audience segments.

Leverage Highly Appealing Videos

Engaging and visually appealing videos not only increase hook rates and view time but also contribute to premium brand positioning.

Mix Micro-Niche and Macro-Niche Content

strike a balance between micro-niche and macro-niche content. Macro-niche-based content serves as a top-of-the-funnel asset, while micro-niche content helps establish quick trust and build better conversion rates.

Utilize Different Formats

Experiment with formats like podcast videos and tweet-style reels to establish thought leadership and engage the audience effectively.

By implementing these strategies, we successfully transformed her content marketing approach, generating significant engagement, expanding her reach, and driving conversions for her coaching program.

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