Samir Elkamouny: Elevating Performance Marketing Thought Leadership Through Short Videos


Samir Elkamouny, the owner of a highly successful 7-figure performance marketing agency called FetchFunnel, faced a challenge in expanding his reach and leveraging his thought leadership through social media. Despite being a recognized marketing expert and regular speaker at global marketing conferences, his podcasts had limited reach, and he had a minimal presence on Instagram. Samir aimed to grow his social media following to generate inbound leads for his agency.

Solution Provided: devised a solution to address Samir’s challenge and position him as a thought leader in his niche. The following strategies were implemented:


The consistent posting of reels led to rapid growth of Samir’s social media profile. More importantly, the increased reach and engagement helped foster new connections and relationships, ultimately generating more inbound leads for his performance marketing agency.

Key Takeaways:

Consumption of Technical or B2B Content

Regardless of the technical or B2B nature of a niche, good content that is easily consumable will be discovered by the ideal audience. Short videos serve as a powerful medium to make complex topics more approachable.

Short Videos for Instant Discovery

While long-form content is crucial for establishing thought leadership, short videos enable instant discovery and consumption at scale. They serve as a gateway to attract a broader audience and drive engagement.

The Importance of Engaging Video Editing

Engaging video edits play a crucial role in capturing and retaining viewers' attention. The visual appeal of short videos not only enhances viewer retention but also contributes to effective brand positioning.

Experimentation with Hooks

t also contributes to effective brand positioning. Experimentation with Hooks: Within short videos, different hooks can lead to significant variations in views and engagement. By testing multiple hooks and approaches, content creators can unlock additional opportunities for reaching wider audiences.

By implementing these strategies, helped Samir Elkamouny expand his social media presence, establish thought leadership, and generate inbound leads for his performance marketing agency..

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